• Sizzling Dishes
    Sizzling Dishes
    With the gorgeous aromas, sizzling dish features with the perfect temperature of the claypot which grilled the meat and keep it tender and juicy. Try it at CHEENA and get a free pot of tea on purchase of Sizzling Dishes!

    Sizzling Dishes:
    Sizzling Pork Tripe in Clay Pot/¥88
    Sizzling Duck Gizzard in Clay Pot/¥58 
    Sizzling Pork Belly in Clay Pot/¥68
    Sizzling Fish Head in Clay Pot/¥118
    Sizzling Baby Cabbage in Clay Pot/¥28

    Promotion period: From now till February 28th, 2018

    Time: 11:30-14:30 & 17:30-21:30
    Venue: 1/F Cheena Chinese Restaurant
    For enquiries and reservations: (86 10) 5960 2238
    * All above prices subject to 15% service charge
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