• Passion Fruit Flavored Milkshake Promotion
    Passion Fruit Flavored Milkshake Promotion
    Indulge yourself in the double sweet moment by enjoying a Passion Fruit milkshake offered by Serenade Lounge. You can either choose Passion Fruit with Banana and Strawberry milkshake or Passion Fruit ...
  • Gin & Tonic Promotion
    Gin & Tonic Promotion
    Set aside the annoyance and start your night life with friends with a glass of Gin & Tonic at Polo Bar. Any consumption on the selected Gin & Tonic will be upgrading 15% more at free!
  • Promotion-The Hot Hunan Cuisine
    Promotion-The Hot Hunan Cuisine
    Feast yourself to enjoy the Hunan flavored spicy and mouth-watering stir-fried dishes from our Cheena's chefs! A free glass of juice would be offered with a total spending of over ¥500 on these dishes!
  • British Delicacies on spot
    British Delicacies on spot
    Sonata Western Restaurant launches signature British dishes including deep-fried chicken, deep-fried prawn as well as deep-fried squid ring. Every set is served with potato wedges with tartar sauce, f...
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