• Cool Drink Promotion
    Cool Drink Promotion
    Nothing compares with a glass of icy juice in a hot summer. Let the superb cantaloupe smoothies refresh you.
  • Belgium Beer Promotion
    Belgium Beer Promotion
    Take your time and relax with a glass of Belgian Beer which brings some refreshment into your life. Gather your friends for an indulgent night at Polo Bar.
  • The World Classic Burger Set
    The World Classic Burger Set
    Go on a mouth-watering burger spree with french fries, vegetable salad and fruit platter at Sonata. Specially prepared for corporate customers, The Word Classic Burger Set with r...
  • Chinese Kimchi Dishes
    Chinese Kimchi Dishes
    Cheena is bringing you a series of exciting homemade Chinese Kimchi dishes that will excite and tantalize your taste buds! Do not miss out our typical dishes like “Pig Skin with Pickled Pepper...
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