• English Tea Promotion
    English Tea Promotion
    Come and enjoy charming British black tea and delicious diced cake this afternoon. The elegant ambiance is complimented by a musical ensemble – the final ingredient to ensure your Afterno...
  • Irish Coffee
    Irish Coffee
    Recharge yourself with a cup of Irish coffee that melts your heart and enjoy your private relaxing time!
  • Dry Pot Selection
    Dry Pot Selection
    Cheena is bringing you a series of exciting hot and numbing seafood dishes that will excite and tantalize your taste buds! Do not miss our Dry Pot Selection this spring! 
  • Creative Seasonal Delight
    Creative Seasonal Delight
    While flowers bloom frantically in spring, Sonata Western Restaurant has brought to you a series of creative cuisines for the season, combining elements of molecular gastronomy that you will crave! ...
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