• Black Tea Special Offer
    Black Tea Special Offer
    Getting away from the annoying heat in summer, you need time of tea to refresh yourself. Enjoy a "Buy four get one free" offer at Serenade Lounge of Rosedale Beijing.
  • Draft Beer Promotion
    Draft Beer Promotion
    You don’t wanna miss out on our draft beer promotion! Special prices on selected draft beers. Life’s better with beer!
  • Delicate Mexican Food
    Delicate Mexican Food
    Sonata Western Restaurant launches Delicate Mexican Food for you! Texcan Tacos,Grilled Steak Tacos with Avocado Sauce and more. Be sure to reserve your seat now!
  • Cantonese Cuisine
    Cantonese Cuisine
    CHEENA Chinese Restaurant launches Cantonese Cuisine with many delicious dishes for you to enjoy in Beijing. Get a free pot tea on purchase of any dishes below!
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